Local stories of resilience in the Arctic (SeMPER-Arctic)


[Period: 2020-2024 – official website]

Within the SeMPER-Arctic project, my research explore the place of environmental and climate changes in local stories of resilience in two Greenlandic communities – Uummannaq and Ittoqqortoormiit. Adopting a postcolonial approach, it also aims to question the epistemological roots and the accuracy of western sciences along with local knowledge and narratives.

Sense making, place attachment, and extended networks as sources of resilience in the Arctic 

Rooting its work in the Arctic, with and for Arctic communities, the “Sense Making, Place attachment, and Extended networks, as sources of Resilience in the Arctic” (SeMPER-Arctic) project consortium will be collecting local stories of changes, shocks, upheavals and their aftermaths. The SeMPER-Arctic team members will adopt these narratives as local, and localized, anchoring devices for resilience analysis.