First IRL SeMPER-Arctic project meeting in Paris

Semper Arctic project members met for the first time on location in France 7-9 March, organized at the Domaine de Saint-Paul, in the south of Paris. The discussions during the meeting were rich and it was in general a very relieved group of scholars who at last could hold a proper meeting even if hybrid to some extent (some of the partners had to take part on the distance). The Semper Arctic consortium meeting came up with a resolution, voted by all members considering a set of components important to progress the work. The nature of SeMPER Arctic´s scientific work and componed research with all its different milestones are data-intensive; there have been delays in fieldwork implementation in Greenland associated with Covid-19 pandemic, and later the omicron wave and restrictions. The meeting came up with an adaptive progress plan which deviates from the original plan but that will ensure that we fulfill the commitments in the approved proposal. The revised milestone and deliverables plan has been scheduled and listed and the coordinating party (UVSQ) with the partners will request an adequate project extension to the Belmont Forum and the national funding agency according to the resolution.

Anna Karlsdóttir